Do we offer Manzilian waxing here?

Yes, our specialty here is #Manzilian and #Brazilian Waxing.

#Manzilian Waxing is a hair removal on everything in your bikini, two sides, genital, testicles, gap between the butt and anus with wearing a paper thong. Leave you completely nice and clean, #smooth and silky feeling. With a Brazilian wax, you’ll never have to worry about “escaping tendrils” again. A Genital waxing or #Manzilian wax for men is not something you should undertake at home; it’s definitely a professional procedure. You’ll never be able to reach all the spots and crevices a professional can, and really, wouldn’t you rather have somebody else making sure you’re perfect? Finding a Professional Brazilian | #Manzilian Waxer in Brooklyn Park, MN

The first step is to find a place that offers a Brazilian wax option. Unfortunately, if you don't live near a major urban center, you may have a little trouble finding a salon that can help you. But the bare trend is gaining popularity, so it may just be a matter of time before you, too, can be silky smooth all over. One thing you absolutely do not want is somebody performing their first Brazilian wax on you! Just to be safe, you may want to spend a little extra money on your first wax. A Brazilian wax can run you anywhere from $40 to $75, depending upon where you live and which salon you select. A higher-priced wax generally means a more experienced waxer, and that's a good thing. 

The benefits to Brazilian waxing? You’ll feel all clean and shiny, and you ´ll be slick during intercourse. The results will last anywhere from ten days to three weeks or longer, with no maintenance, and there’s no shave that can get you this smooth. In fact, that’s the biggest benefit — no more shaving! The drawbacks? You may still experience red bumps and #ingrown hairs, just like with shaving. But that can be minimized to the least. You can take a look at our ingrown hair tips for the solution. How closely you trim, shave or wax your pubic hair is a personal preference. You should do whatever makes you comfortable, whether it’s an apple-smooth look or a more natural look.

For me, a #Brazilian wax is the way to go. A little uncomfortable/painful, yes, but the results are well worth it. You eventually get used to the discomfort, and once you do you’ll never need to prop that leg up in the shower again. You’ll be happy. Your partner will be happy. It will be a smooth experience. #Chest Waxing - The chest area is gently cleansed followed by the application of warm wax – which is followed by the hair removal process. A soothing tea tree after wax lotion/oil is then applied to calm the waxed area. Schedule an Appointment Today


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