Testimonials from happy waxing customers.

Happy waxing customers.

Dear customer, here is the place you can comment on our waxing skill and read testimonials for Brazilian waxing studio. We are open to accept your opinion so that we can improve our services. My first Brazilian wax. Much less painful than I imagined. Monika is professional and thorough. She is caring and highly intuitive. I highly recommend her. 

Date Written: 25 May 2009  Testimonial By: Stephanie Johnston  Happy Customer ***** This is a cool website. I love it. 

Date Written: 18 May 2009  Testimonial By: Tonya Chanti  Happy Customer ***** I really like this site! It’s helped me a lot! 

Date Written: 17 May 2009  Testimonial By: Riley Churchill  visitor from Washington DC Monika is a true waxing professional, has a pleasant personality and always leaves me with smooth, silky skin. I have tried other salons but have always felt rushed and or received substandard waxings. This is not the case at Brazilian Waxing Studio. If you are someone who enjoys having hairfree, smooth skin. Monika is the person to see. 

Date Written: 31 January 2009  Testimonial By: Dennis G.  Happy Customer ***** This is a great place to go for professional waxing. I went there for a brazilian wax just before going on vacation in Miami. Monika did a great job. It is a comfortable, clean environment and the rate is very reasonable. 

Date Written: 31 December 2008  Testimonial By: Steve N.  Happy Customer **** Newly moved from Illnosis, very pleased, nice and relaxing environment and will come back for next appointment next month. 

Date Written: 31 July 2008  Testimonial By: Mariah R.  Happy Customer ***** This is a wonderful business trip for me. A friend of mine recommended Brazilian Waxing Studio there. I was surprised with the nice, clean, and very relaxing environment. I have ENJOYED very much with my first Brazilian waxing service by a professional waxer, Monika. I would love to go back. 

Date Written: 31 July 2008  Testimonial By: Andrew G.  Happy Customer ***** Very comfortable atmosphere, nice music, Monika was very easy going makes me feel very comfortable and I made the next appointment too before I left. 

Date Written: 01 July 2008  Testimonial By: Martin J.  Happy Customer ***** Great atmosphere, very comfortable setting, excellent service, my first time Monika did a good job keeping me from being so nervous; will definetly drive back here for another visit. Drove 1 1/2 hours even though I could have had it done in my city. 

Date Written: 31 May 2008  Testimonial By: Lyndia N.  Happy Customer ***** I have been a back wax client of the Brazilian Waxing Studio for over 5 months. Even though I live in Plymouth (and there is a Brazilian Waxing Center about ten minutes from my house) I travel 30 minutes to Brazilian Waxing Studio for Monika’s expertise. Less irritation, less painful. 

Date Written: 31 December 2007  Testimonial By: Alex N  Happy Customer *****



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